Frequently Asked Questions

UniForex objective is to offer the most reliable, prompt, and simple exchange and remittance services to our clients at the best available rates.

The Most Fast Safe way for all your FX needs

  1. Why should I use UniForex exchange services instant of the bank?
    Simply, Cost Saving, UniForex offer better rates and more efficiency, flexible & convenience services for you.
  2. What kind of Regulation UniForex have?
    Money Services Operator License by HKCED. that allow UniForex can operate Money exchange and remittance services.
    Fully Regulated under by AntiMoney Laundering and Counter‐Terrorist Financing (Financial Institutions)Ordinance, Chapter 615
  3. How can i open an account?
    Simply sign up with your email address, fill in name, phone number and address, and you are ready to access.
  4. Is it any limit to use UniForex services ?
    Yes, under our license rules, you can do at our retails counter up to HKD 8000.00 for remittance and HKD 120,000 for non transfer services.
  5. How Would I want to use further services?
    You have to provide us your ID Photo copy, your address proof and bank details if excess above,
  6. What kinds of payment method that UniForex will accept?
    Cash, Transfer, cheques (But no third party transfer allow)
  7. How long does it take to send remittance (T/T) at Uniforex?
    It depends which country, for example ; HK and China wire transfer will effect same day to next days,  Other country may take up to 1-3 days. (Business Working Day)

If have any more questions, please feel free to ask !
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